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Finding Your Group

Stanford will become your home.

By Jordan Hank

I was definitely excited to come to Stanford – the freedom, the community, the courses – but part of me worried that I wouldn’t find a close-knit group of friends like I did in High School. Within a few weeks of arriving on campus, I realized that meeting people at Stanford happens naturally and happens often.

The freshman dorm community is fantastic. After being dropped into the unknown world of college life, it became clear that everyone else had my back. Whether it was playing Super Smash Bros or pool in the lounge, horrendously failing at cooking in the kitchenette, or staying up way past my bedtime to watch House of Cards, everyone around me was actively trying to form bonds. There was a practically endless list of dorm events that left me chasing people with water guns or hiking a trail at Yosemite. Making friends is a freshman dorm is not only easy – it’s nearly impossible to avoid.

Outside of the dorm, Stanford has clubs and activities for every interest. Enjoy playing music? Join the Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, a musical, or simply walk down the hall and you’ll find a few guitarists to jam with. Maybe you like to build things? Check out the Solar Car project, the Robotics team, or create your own design in the Product Realization Lab. My favorite aspect of Stanford is that regardless of your passion, you will find humble, talented people who have the same interests as you.

It’s natural to worry about finding your place at a university with thousands of people, but Stanford will become your home. You will meet people with similar interests and jam together, game together, build things together, or whatever else you can imagine. You will meet people wildly different from you, exposing you to ideologies you never knew existed. It is guaranteed at Stanford that you will meet people, and regardless of who you are, you will find a close-knit group of friends.

In collaboration with Tau Beta Pi

Tau Beta Pi is the only honor society representing the entire engineering profession across the nation. Their chapter at Stanford strives to promote academic excellence, leadership, and continued service to the larger engineering community. They host events and organize initiatives including peer mentoring, K-12 outreach, alumni panels, CEO dinners, project fairs and more. For more info, check out

Jordan Hank

Jordan Hank enjoys learning guitar and photography, while he is also known to adventure out into the wilderness (hiking, rafting, fishing). He loves dogs, anything sports-related, and drinks a hefty amount of tea each day. Within his field of Computer Science, he likes to explore Unreal Engine and spends most of his time crafting and analyzing algorithms with a special interest in research involving P=NP.

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