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CEE 154

Data Analytics for Physical Systems (CEE 254)

  • Not Offered

3 - 4 units

Letter or Credit/No Credit

This course introduces practical applications of data analytics and machine learning from understanding sensor data to extracting information and decision making in the context of sensed physical systems. Many civil engineering applications involve complex physical systems, such as buildings, transportation, and infrastructure systems, which are integral to urban systems and human activities. Emerging data science techniques and rapidly growing data about these systems have enabled us to better understand them and make informed decisions. In this course, students will work with real-world data to learn about challenges in analyzing data, applications of statistical analysis and machine learning techniques using MATLAB, and limitations of the outcomes in domain-specific contexts. Topics include data visualization, noise cleansing, frequency domain analysis, forward and inverse modeling, feature extraction, machine learning, and error analysis. Prerequisites: CS106A, CME 100/Math51, Stats110/101, or equivalent.

Course Prequisites

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