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CEE 250

Product Management Fundamentals for the Real Economy

  • Not Offered

3 units

Letter (ABCD/NP)

This course teaches students how to apply product management skills to create products and services for the "real economy." Students will learn the basics of product management and the product lifecycle and design a product in a team setting. They will also learn iterative product development with an eye towards applying those skills towards products that produce real economic value for society as well as the entrepreneurs. This course includes instruction from seasoned industry veterans and guest speakers. Students will be guided through identifying an opportunity, designing a solution, launching a product, and building a roadmap. The content is tailored to students interested in developing real products and delivering solutions within startups, established companies, non-profits, governments, and non-governmental organizations. The goal is to teach students the fundamentals of product management and equip them with the knowledge to make meaningful progress on some of the biggest challenges facing society. This course requires an application due to limited enrollment. Application link: . Application deadline: Sunday, September 13, 9PM PST.

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