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CHEM 131

Instrumental Analysis Principles and Practice

  • Not Offered

5 units

Letter (ABCD/NP)

The core objectives of the course will focus upon introducing and providing hands-on practice with analytical separation, spectroscopic identification, and calibrated quantification with strong technical communication (for the Writing-in-the-Major requirement) emphasized throughout the course. Lectures will focus on theory, and laboratory activities will provide hands-on practice with the GC, LC, XPS, ICP, MS, and UV/Vis instruments. Data analysis will be emphasized throughout the course with Python being the primary tool for plotting and computations. Statistical measurements will be introduced to gauge the quality and validity of data. Lectures will be three times a week with a required four-hour laboratory section. The course will conclude with a student-developed project, focusing upon separation and quantification, and a poster presentation. The course should be completed prior to CHEM courses 174,176, or 184. Prerequisite: CHEM 33 or CHEM 100; and CS 106A.



  • GER: DB-NatSci


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