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CS 273A

The Human Genome Source Code (BIOMEDIN 273A, DBIO 273A)

  • Not Offered

3 units

Letter or Credit/No Credit

A computational primer to "hacking" the most amazing operating system "disk" on the planet: your genome. Handling genomic data is deceptively easy. But that's muscle. You want to be the brain, too. Topics include genome sequencing (assembling source code from code fragments); the human genome functional landscape: variable assignments (genes), control-flow logic (gene regulation) and run-time stack (epigenomics); human disease and personalized genomics (as a hunt for bugs in the human code); genome editing (code injection) to cure the incurable; and the source code modifications behind amazing animal adaptations. The course will introduce ideas from computational genomics, machine learning and natural language processing. Course includes primers on molecular biology, and text processing languages. Prerequisites: CS106A or equivalent. No biological background assumed.

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