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CS 345S

Data-intensive Systems for the Next 1000x

  • Not Offered

3 - 4 units

Letter or Credit/No Credit

The last decade saw enormous shifts in the design of large-scale data-intensive systems due to the rise of Internet services, cloud computing, and Big Data processing. Where will we see the next 1000x increases in scale and data volume, and how should data-intensive systems accordingly evolve? This course will critically examine a range of trends, including the Internet of Things, drones, smart cities, and emerging hardware capabilities, through the lens of software systems research and design. Students will perform a comparative analysis by reading and discussing cutting-edge research while performing their own original research. Prerequisites: Strong background in software systems, especially databases (CS 245) and distributed systems (CS 244B), and/or machine learning (CS 229). Undergraduates who have completed CS 245 are strongly encouraged to attend.

Course Prequisites

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