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EE 236B

Guided Waves

  • winter
  • 2021-2022

3 units

Letter or Credit/No Credit

Maxwell's equations, constitutive relations. Kramers-Kronig relations. Modes in waveguides: slab, rectangular, circular. Photonic crystals, surface plasmon modes. General properties of waveguide modes: orthogonality, phase and group indices, group velocity dispersion. Chirped pulse propagation in dispersive media and its connection to Gaussian beam propagation. Time lens. Waveguide technologies: glass, silicon, III-V semiconductor, metallic. Waveguide devices: fibers, lasers, modulators, arrayed waveguide gratings. Scattering matrix description of passive optical devices, and constraints from energy conservation, time-reversal symmetry and reciprocity. Mode coupling, directional couplers, distributed-feedback structures. Resonators from scattering matrix and input-output perspective. Micro-ring resonators. Prerequisites: EE 236A and EE 242 or familiarity with differential form of Maxwell's equations.

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