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EE 267W

Virtual Reality (WIM)

  • Not Offered

5 units

Letter or Credit/No Credit

Writing in the Major (WIM) version of the 4-unit EE 267 theory + lab/project course. This course also meets the EE design requirement. Topics include: OpenGL, real-time rendering, 3D display systems, display optics & electronics, IMUs and sensors, tracking, haptics, rendering pipeline, multimodal human perception and depth perception, stereo rendering, presence. Emphasis on VR technology. Hands-on programming assignments. The 5-unit WIM version requires everything the 4-unit version does, i.e. a final course project and written report in lieu of the final assignment. The 5-unit WIM version additional requires participation in 2 writing in the major workshops, and weekly writing assignments. Prerequisites: Strong programming skills, ENGR 108 or equivalent. Helpful: basic computer graphics / OpenGL.

Course Prequisites

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