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French Viticulture

  • autumn
  • winter
  • spring
  • 2018-2019

1 unit

Satisfactory/No Credit

The class exposes the Stanford student community to the foundational art and science of wine and wine culture. Each class features a tasting of 4 to 6 wines, which the students will taste as well as learn about the origin, the grapes, the flavors and nuances, and the necessary vocabulary. nnnPrerequisite: 21 or older. (AU)

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  • ACT

    • Tuesday 4:15:00 PM - 6:30:00 PM with Alix Mazuet

      Meets at French House.

    • Tuesday 7:00:00 PM - 8:50:00 PM with Alix Mazuet

      Meets at the French House. Must be 21 years of age to participate in the course. Please email [email protected] for more information.

  • ACT

    • Tuesday 7:15:00 PM - 8:45:00 PM with Alix Mazuet

      Meets at the French House. Limited enrollment. Must be 21 to enroll. Please email Alix for more info [email protected] Classes that meet at the French house start the 2nd week of the qtr.

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