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Trade and Development

  • Not Offered

3 - 5 units

Letter or Credit/No Credit

(Formerly IPS 203) This course analyzes the role of international trade in the development experience of countries. Amongst the topics covered are the instruments of trade policy, the developmental impact of trade liberalization/protectionism, and trade policy formulation, with particular attention to the political economy of trade policy. Given the current international trade environment, students will also debate the rise of trade protectionism, as well as discuss policies to enhance the benefits (winners) and address the costs (losers) of trade liberalization. The purpose of the course is to equip students with the tools to analyze international trade issues, propose policies, and assess the feasibility of policy implementation, particularly in the context of trade as a development strategy. Students will also dissect several common myths about international trade, such as the recent populist message that "trade deficits are bad." In addition, the "In the News" segment in class will discuss and analyze current events in areas relevant to the course. Prerequisites: ECON 1.

Course Prequisites

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