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Differential Equations with Linear Algebra, Fourier Methods, and Modern Applications

  • Not Offered

5 units

Letter or Credit/No Credit

Ordinary differential equations and initial value problems, linear systems of such equations with an emphasis on second-order constant-coefficient equations, stability analysis for non-linear systems (including phase portraits and the role of eigenvalues), and numerical methods. Partial differential equations and boundary-value problems, Fourier series and initial conditions, and Fourier transform for non-periodic phenomena. n Throughout the development we harness insights from linear algebra, and software widgets are used to explore course topics on a computer (no coding background is needed). The free e-text provides motivation from applications across a wide array of fields (biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, engineering, and physics) described in a manner not requiring any area-specific expertise, and it has an appendix on Laplace transforms with many worked examples as a complement to the Fourier transform in the main text.n Prerequisite: Math 21 and Math 51, or equivalents.


  • GER:DB-Math

  • WAY-FR

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