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Data Science and Machine Learning Approaches in Chemical and Materials Engineering (CHEMENG 177, CHEMENG 277, MATSCI 166)

  • Not Offered

3 units

Letter or Credit/No Credit

Application of Data Science, Statistical Learning, and Machine Learning approaches to modern problems in Chemical and Materials Engineering. This course develops data science approaches, including their foundational mathematical and statistical basis, and applies these methods to data sets of limited size and precision. Methods for regression and clustering will be developed and applied, with an emphasis on validation and error quantification. Techniques that will be developed include linear and nonlinear regression, clustering and logistic regression, dimensionality reduction, unsupervised learning, neural networks, and hidden Markov models. These methods will be applied to a range of engineering problems, including conducting polymers, water purification membranes, battery materials, disease outcome prediction, genomic analysis, organic synthesis, and quality control in manufacturing. Prerequisites: CS 106A or permission from instructor.

Course Prequisites

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