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ME 203

Design and Manufacturing

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4 units

Letter (ABCD/NP)

ME203 is intended for any graduate students who may want the opportunity to design and prototype a project of meaning to them. Undergraduate mechanical engineering and product design students should register for ME103.nnnME 203 will be taught on line through ZOOM and Canvas resources. Depending on evolving COVID-19 regulations, students may enjoy limited access to Product Realization Laboratory structured laboratory activities. The course will be organized in two chapters over 10 weeks. Chapter One, DESIGN, will commence with brainstorming, and conclude with a full product design presentation for the creation of a single unit including CAD models, Bill of Materials, and Operations Sequence. Chapter Two, MANUFACURING will commence with redesign for large scale manufacturing and end with a Manufacturing Design Plan including a Design for Manufacturability, a Bill of Materials, a recommendation for Manufacturing Processes, and a Unit Marginal Manufacturing Cost Estimate.

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