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Applied Statistics I

  • Not Offered

3 units

Letter or Credit/No Credit

Statistics of real valued responses. Review of multivariate normal distribution theory. Univariate regression. Multiple regression. Constructing features from predictors. Geometry and algebra of least squares: subspaces, projections, normal equations, orthogonality, rank deficiency, Gauss-Markov. Gram-Schmidt, the QR decomposition and the SVD. Interpreting coefficients. Collinearity. Dependence and heteroscedasticity. Fits and the hat matrix. Model diagnostics. Model selection, Cp/AIC and crossvalidation, stepwise, lasso. Multiple comparisons. ANOVA, fixed and random effects. Use of bootstrap and permutations. Emphasis on problem sets involving substantive computations with data sets. Prerequisites: consent of instructor, 116, 200, applied statistics course, CS 106A, MATH 114.

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