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Introduction to Statistical Modeling

  • autumn

3 units

Letter or Credit/No Credit

Review of univariate regression. Multiple regression. Geometry, subspaces, orthogonality, projections, normal equations, rank deficiency, estimable functions and Gauss-Markov theorem. Computation via QR decomposition, Gramm-Schmidt orthogonalization and the SVD. Interpreting coefficients, collinearity, graphical displays. Fits and the Hat matrix, leverage & influence, diagnostics, weighted least squares and resistance. Model selection, Cp/Aic and crossvalidation, stepwise, lasso. Basis expansions, splines. Multivariate normal distribution theory. ANOVA: Sources of measurements, fixed and random effects, randomization. Emphasis on problem sets involving substantive computations with data sets. Prerequisites: consent of instructor, 116, 200, applied statistics course, CS 106A, MATH 114. (NB: prior to 2016-17 the 305ABC series was numbered as 305, 306A and 306B).

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  • LEC

    • Tuesday Thursday 10:30:00 AM - 11:50:00 AM @ 420-041 with Julia Palacios

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