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7 months ago

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a year ago

This is the best course i've ever taken in analog circuit design: very detailed and vivid explanation of all of the tricky stuffs from Amin. and also has the very responsible Yueming as the TA... Definitely recommend it for anyone who want to get in analog IC.

a year ago

This class involves a lot of commitment. I spend at least twice as much time on this course than on a 3-unit ME course. Having said that, you will be misled if you expect this to be a "regular" 4-unit course. I would say the amount of time spent on the class is comparable to CS107 or CS110. Be warned.

2 years ago

I would like to take it

2 years ago

I didn't take this course. I'm an Italian engineer working in Italy, in the medical industry. I would like to download the course lecture for personal/professional education. Thank you for support.

2 years ago

I think this course will increase my knowledge about how to build

2 years ago

the basis of machine learning

3 years ago

Is it okay to take it with CS 221 in summer quarter?

3 years ago

Is a good idea to take it (CS 221) with CS 193C or CS 161 in summer quarter?

3 years ago

How is Mary Wooters as a lecturer? Does she have a midterm/final or a final project? Is CS 110, CS 161 and CS 124 suicide (I have a busy work requirement too that I can't budge on).

3 years ago

hi everyone. it is great site. thanks for all.

3 years ago

Anyone take it with Ermon? What'd you think?

3 years ago

Is it possible to take this course without Chem 31A? I'm a senior physics major, just looking to review this part of chem. Would emailing the professors help waive the 31A req?

3 years ago

I have seen the course on the Stanford website. I am a Ph.D. student and the course will be beneficial to get me a flying start :)

3 years ago

I got an A+ without too much effort. Just show up to class and put a bit of thought into the projects and everything is very, very smooth sailing.

3 years ago

Never imagined you'd see this! You might not remember much but I always appreciated the compassion and helpful manner you treated everyone; had such a crush on you even tho you're married LOL. Thanks for fighting for us as always & all the best in your future endeavors!

3 years ago

Hipster TA here! Totally appreciate your enthusiasm for ontologies.

4 years ago

I took it with Alex Wright and it was fantastic! The subject is deep and elegant and is an extremely helpful preparation to higher level theoretical physics. The textbook is a classic and I'd definitely recommend owning!

4 years ago

One of the best physics classes I have taken at Stanford! Xiaoliang is one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists with a knack to explain abstract concepts in a clear and intuitive way. The course contents are very well organized with reasonable pace and difficulty. If you ask a lot of questions, you'll learn even more! I am constantly amazed how Xiaoliang can provide an accurate and complete answer to almost any question within an instant of thought.

4 years ago

As other reviews have said, this is a badly taught class. The professor spent a big chunk of class time running around spaying people with a water gun and generally behaving like a child, which I thought was strange behavior from a Stanford professor. Even though the mid-term and final were very difficult, and the class was badly taught with limited preparation, a lot of people got high grades on them. Most of the class was made up of athletes. I feel fairly confident assuming that the exams---which would not surprise if they have been used for many decades---have somehow leaked to the sports team and the fraternities. If you're not part of these groups, you will get screwed over due to the crap teaching and the tests which everyone else is apparently cheating on.

4 years ago

Badly taught class, don’t take. Also, it’s not at all an easy A. Not because the material is difficult, but because of the horrible teaching style. For a 3 unit class, it assigns a riddiclous number of projects and weekly assignments. Luckily these are graded easy. What really makes the class difficult are the two tests. Both the mid-term and final are very difficult, the latter more so. Both ask very specific, highly technical questions about sleep and rely on ambiguous wording and subtle wording tricks to trip you up. The final is worst in this regard. I found the review session for the final to be utterly useless. The review section focused almost entirely on parasomnias, but these ended up being only a very small portion of the final. Both the in-class lectures and the text book were not helpful in preparing for the final. The textbook reads like a polemic. It primarily expresses Dement’s deeply held belief that society as a whole—including the medical establishment, the government, and the general public—are deeply misinformed about sleep and are too resistant to his strongly held belief that the vast majority of people are dangerously sleep deprived. It is easy to read and fairly interesting, but the problem is that what it discusses what appears on the exams do not match up. The textbook must do a better job of properly presenting and reinforcing the technical scientific details that are so crucial for the exams, and steer away from the interesting but nevertheless endless and useless anecdotes about Dement’s long career in sleep advocacy. These do not help students pass the tests. As for the in-class lectures, they are like the textbook— useless. Dement was absent this quarter and Pelayo is not a gifted lecturer. His lectures were poorly organized. Guest speakers were a bore, except for the dude who brought his narcoleptic dog to class. Despite being boring and poorly organized, it’s essential that you listen very closely during these lectures as minor aspects of them will appear on the exams. Overall, don’t take the class as the exams make it so that getting an A is difficult, and a B very likely. The class is overall very overrated and seems to have had its heyday circa 1970. What it teaches about sleep is useful, but can be learned in a day or two of self-study rather than over a ridiculous 10 weeks.

4 years ago

Don’t take this with Vivian Brates. Vivian Brates demands too much work from her students; this class is way more work than the other versions of the course. Not only that, but she is far from understanding about any late assignments, even in the case of extenuating circumstances / medical issues. I was behind on a few assignments, and missed a few classes due to this, and she wouldn’t even give me Credit for a C/NC grade...absolutely ridiculous. Beware! The class also gets quite dry as she continues to repeat material, and the weekly visits to IIBA get old after maybe the fourth or fifth visit, so prepared to be exhausted for several hours each week for the latter half of the quarter. I’d recommend you to take the non-SL series for SPANLANG 13, but definitely take SPANLANG12SL as the other professor is a sweetheart!

4 years ago

CS103 isn't the same as before, as it now is plagued with a lot of bureaucracy. If you forget to tag questions on Gradescope at some point, your problem set won't be counted. If you don't select an answer for every question in lecture, you're counted as absent. There are also no sections, which they try to atone for by offering CS103A, but not everyone can attend, of course, and it's really just another lecture given there are so many students enrolled. Also, you now can only work with one partner rather than in a group. In short, these new policies are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the plethora of bureaucratic policies he has implemented and probably plans to implement in future quarters. Just read someone's comment below..."the culture of this class turned me off from continuing at Stanford at all." Keith is a good lecturer to some students, but sometimes too energetic and just flies through slides. I've also heard from others that he's not as nice of a person unless you're talking to him about the beauty of math. In other words, you will probably vibe with him more if math is your native language rather than English.

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