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6 days ago

How is this class with CS 161? I want to take both next quarter but also survive. I'll also take PWR and an introsem.

8 days ago

What is the workload of the class, under Dannenberg?

9 days ago

How does it compare to CS 109 or STATS 116?

11 days ago

Do you need EE 102B or is EE 102A enough?

15 days ago

He's great at explaining concepts. Workload is slightly more than past 161 professors but very manageable.

15 days ago

I never thought I would get into dance, but this class completely changed that. Now I'm taking all the social dance classes and going to social dance events. Plus Richard Powers is an amazing instructor.

15 days ago

This class was very unhelpful. The topics covered were mainly behavior economics (Kahneman) but were too "academic" compared to dealing with actual negotiations in real-life when people don't respond rationally. The exercises also felt like games because it's hard to take them seriously when you don't have a personal stake in the negotiations.

15 days ago

One of my favorite CS classes at Stanford so far. The incentive topics were very interesting and relevant when you apply them to real-world scenarios. Tim's lecture notes are very detailed and well-written. Except for the game theory PSet, most PSets were a moderate amount of work. The final project was very time-consuming though - we had to write an original research paper and make a 10 minute video.

15 days ago

Very well taught class for anyone interested in Bitcoin and blockchain. Guest speakers were great. 255 should have been a prerequisite. Programming assignments were very meaningful. Final exam was rather difficult.

24 days ago

I lost points for bad handwriting, and I fell behind the curve. The median was 95, but mine is lower than that. Would I be able to get A? If not, I might change to Credit/No Credit. Thanks in advance.

a month ago

Is MATH 52 a necessary prerequisite (I have already taken MATH 51 and MATH 53)?

a month ago

The class is engaging yet laid back for the majority of the quarter. However, the final assignment is very, very long and requires you to be relatively consistent with your work throughout the last few weeks of the quarter. If you end up procrastinating like me, you'll end up turning the paper in late, dropping your grade.

a month ago

Such a superb course! Being a complete novice to the field, I found it challenging, however I thought it was pitched at the right level (i.e. not too easy, not too hard). I learned some fantastically useful skills, which I think form the perfect prelude to more advanced applications in machine learning and data analysis. Prof. Boyd is simply charismatic and I could not recommend this course more!

a month ago

How is this class? How does the workload look like?

a month ago

Would it be suicide to take 110, 109, and 124 together with a poli sci class? I found 107 difficult but got an A in 103.

a month ago

TA perspective: No, EE108 is not required. In the past one of the labs used FPGAs for a fast control loop, but the lab has been rewritten to use only the class MCU. Additionally, motivated students outside of EE have done quite well in the course, so even EE101B and EE102A are not strictly required, although those without that background should expect to put in an extra 3-6 hours per week to review background material and get extra help from teaching staff.

a month ago

Can anyone share their experience with this class?

a month ago

How is this class to take as a senior?

a month ago

Genesereth used a "reverse classroom" approach which just means he put all the info online and did absolutely nothing himself. Definitely one of the easier ways to satisfy a math requirement for CS but if you don't do well with online learning, this class kinda screws you over. The class meetings are 'discussion sections' led by the TAs about the online exercises. You could see if your exercise was right before submitting though, so that's nice. I actually liked the material, just hated the teacher for somehow getting away with not teaching.

a month ago

How is Valiant as a teacher? How does he set up the class ie: midterm, final, project, problem sets? What's the estimated amount of work per week realistically? Answer would be super appreciated!

a month ago

When I took this with Yvette, she did not work with nude figures! I'm not sure about Xiaoze Xie

a month ago

Great class! Professor Gienapp is a wonderfully enthusiastic professor, specializing in the philosophy of the Revolution. Be prepared for a lot of reading, but also a lot learning. Ask big questions. (Note to "Hamilton" fans: there will be tracks).

2 months ago

This class is fantastic! I came out of it understanding the basics of environmental regulation and policy, and now distrust the news more than ever-- Professor Libicki gives great overviews and makes even the most confusing types of policies seem understandable.

2 months ago

This class is more useful than I ever could have imagined, not just for fulfilling English major requirements, but for developing an understanding of societal structures and how various media allow us to understand them. Take it! Professor Moya is a great lecturer and the assignments are well worth it.

2 months ago

What is a good class to learn statistics for Data Science? I've taken CS109 and CS229 and am considering between Stats 191, 200, and 203.

2 months ago

I've been programming in MATLAB for 5 or 6 years and have had exposure to other programming languages as well. Would this class be useful for me? Should I take 106B instead?

2 months ago

Does this class work with nude figures? I'm deciding whether to take the class, and I'm not fond of the above idea. Thanks!

2 months ago

I didn't prepare ahead of time but what I found to be most helpful is I did my psets w/o a partner, so I was forced to really understand everything. The slides from last quarter are still up, you can download them before they disappear.

2 months ago

do I need 229 or 131 for this? have taken 221,109, 103 etc...

2 months ago

What is the time commitment for this class?

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